buy Lyrica mexico We are BLU!LAB, an independent creative studio specializing in strategic branding.

Lurasidone dosage for dogs We design amazing brands, beautiful objects, spaces and experiences. We search for the unique personality of every project, person and idea. We transform your great idea into something beautiful that communicates with essence.

We want to be part of your dream, it’s time for your brand to have heart.

Our services


We work through the minutiae to find the balance between aesthetics and the brand´s core values, building a coherent speech which is effective and powerful to connect with the consumer.

  • Naming
  • Corporate Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Branding Architecture

Gastronomic branding

Enhances the experience of the consumer in restaurants, coffee shops, bakerys and gourmet shops. We create a graphic code and hands on experience that give these brands life.
Bon Appetit!

  • Stationary design
  • Packaging design (to go products)
  • Interior Design
  • Menu design

Environmental branding

Sensory, unforgettable, instagramable experiences. He is were we go all in and crazy to experiment.

  • Focal Points design
  • Interior design
  • Product Design

Architectural Branding

We are fans of architecture and are lucky to work with many talented professionals to give life to their projects.

  • Naming
  • Corporate Identity
  • Project Dossier
  • Environmental graphics and signage
  • Microsite and social media design

Our creative process


We meet and learn about your business, your reason to
believe. We want to know your purpose in creating visual content and set goals for the project.


We learn all we can about your product, your competitors, your key target, world insights. How can we help your brand be different against its competitors.

Creative Sessions

We work through various concepts and ideas. Through a visual brand driver or moodboard we deliver what we found out and how we envisión your brand. Here we bring out your values, beliefs and personality.


We show you the works, we explain the rationale, and why it would be succesfull. You then provide feedback to what resonates with your brand ́s needs.


Your brand new baby is here to start a new life . We send you the results in various formats to be set free to the world to enjoy.