LaVerde Lupini


La Verde brand was born in 1999, it is a company that produces and sells lupini beans, and seeks to promote the consumption of this super food. A food deeply rooted in our culture, which is part of our day to day. Since its inception, laVerde has focused on always maintaining a product of the highest quality, promoting the sustainable development of the environment, and the growth of the people who participate in the process.
This is how we understood that the company has a great story behind it to tell, which should be reflected in its image change. We started with their logo. We refreshed the typography, isotype and color to evoke the sensation of freshness, order, quality and above all affection; affection for delivering a top quality product.
The branding we designed for @laverde_ec is incredibly fun. We identify with our Andean culture and from that identity we create a universe of colors. We wanted to represent the woman from the field who harvests lupini beans and corn by hand. We are inspired by the Andean tapestries, their colors and above all, the landscape that leaves us breathless every day.

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