La Holandesa Cheese Redesign


We love cheese in all it´s forms, this is why we were so happy to work on the re-design of the whole branding universe of La Holandesa Cheese. Since the design change, sales and positioning of the brand has doubled.
We created a new form of communication from logo, to a system of packaging. A renewal that transmits freshness, youthfulness and modernity in one of our favorite foods.
We were inspired by daily life elements to create a packaging that stands out and transports us to the warmth of home. We appropriated gingham cloth patterns, turned them to create an experience of the product to a familiar one, that reminds us of sharing a sandwich in a picnic with our loved ones.
La Holandesa has always innovated, and we can see it in their range of products, that go from fresh cheese, matured, spreadable even yogurt. Animation: OlaGraphics

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