1892 Chocolate


When this project arrived at our office, in 2015 as an export chocolate with no name or identity, Blu!Lab thoroughly investigated the minutiae that makes this product unique. We discovered that this family owned brand has a centuries old history of cacao farming, going all the way back to the 1800’s. In 1892 Ecuador was the largest exporter of the cacao bean worldwide. This year became the focal point in creating the brands identity; a vintage inspired packaging that transports the consumer to Ecuador’s golden age of cacao, without losing modern details that communicate a legacy of both tradition and innovation.
The design goes further than just representing the story through a static visual; the chocolate’s wrapper is made out of reed paper, covered in ornamental details used to highlight information classic of the epoch. The logo is embossed and printed with golden ink. The colors are vibrant yet desaturated, and the typographies were selected by studying the Ecuadorian currency of the time.1892 chocolate delights the senses, visually and tactfully… and that’s without getting into the remarkable flavor.

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